Blueprints, Building Plans, Engineering Drawings & Calcs

Plotwave 550Blueprints  

If your constuction company needs plans FAST, we are your source!  We have two large format printers to print your documents in black & white or color in any size.  Choose from any of the options you need:

- Plans printed to scale: If you need plans printed to scale, we print them exactly to scale in the sizes you need! We can bind them with staples and with optional cardstock strips for extra durability. Best for submittals and on-site documents.

- Reduced Size drawings: When you need reference documents that do not need to be to scale, we can print them in smaller sizes to save cost and storage space. We can bind them with edge staples.  Great for quoting and reference.

- Calcs: Calcs are usually 8.5x11" documents that show calculations and specifications.  We can print them in black & white or color, with or without corner staple binding.

- Mylar Prints: If mylar is needed for archival purposes, we can print color or black & white on 4mil mylar vellum sheets.

To ensure a quick turnaround, please be sure you order sizes that match your drawing sizes.