Production Leadtimes

Small Format Items

Most small format items, such as business cards, postcards flyers, etc, are printed at BMD Printing.  The leadtime for these items is typically 1-3 business days.  Actual leadtime depends on the quantity ordered and existing production scheduling.

Many items can be printed "same-day" if circumstances allow, but this is not a guarantee unless committed by BMD Printing prior to starting the job.

Some small format items are printed by "trade printers" outside of BMD Printing's shop.  Items include UV coated product, note pads, and high volume items that are sent out for printing to get our customers the best possible price.

Check the product descriptions for leadtime information.

Large Format Items

Most large format items are printed outside of BMD Printing's location by trade printers for which we broker and send work.  The leadtimes for these items are dictated by the leadtimes of each trade printer and are typically 5-7 business days.  A few specialty items, such as NCR forms, can have leadtimes of 10-14 business days.

Blueprints and Posters

Blue prints and posters are printed at BMD Printing and are typically completed "same-day" or with in 1-2 busienss days, depending on the size of the order and production schueduling.

Other Factors

Production leadtimes begin at final artwork approval/submission.  If artwork or print files are not "print-ready" it can cause delays in job completion.  BMD Printing will always communicate artwork/file discrepancies as soon as they are discovered to expedite swift job completion.

BMD Printing is not responsible for errors in printing from files that are approved with errors or are submitted and expressly approved as "print-ready."