Blueprints 20# Printed to Scale

Building Plans

Your Blueprints - FAST!

All sizes, black or color printing.  


18x24" for $1.75 per sheet (B/W); $2.25 per sheet (COLOR)

24x36" for $2.55 per sheet ($0.425 per sq ft) B/W; $3.80 per sheet ($0.633 per sq ft) COLOR

30x42" for $3.75 per sheet ($0.429 per sq ft) B/W; $5.55 per sheet ($0.634 per sq ft) COLOR

48x36" for $5.15 per sheet ($0.429 per sq ft) B/W; $7.60 per sheet ($0.633 per sq ft) COLOR

Be sure you check the dimensions of your pages prior to ordering.  Hint: Open your PDF file and select CTRL-D.

All plans are printed to scale unless otherwise indicated, which means if you send 24x36" plans, we will print them at 24x36", unless you order a different size.  We will notify you if the page dimensions do not match the dimensions ordered.

Please note - When ordering, enter the number of SETS in the QUANTITY field; enter the number of PAGES per SET in the PAGES field.

Folding & Binding

Need your prints bound or folded?  Let us know!  Small jobs are stapled with no binding strips for $0.50 per set; larger jobs are bound with cardstock binding strips for $1.00 per set (up to ~200 sheets).  

We can also fold your drawings as some building departments require for just $0.10 per sheet!  Just specify if you need your documents bound or folded when you order.

Need Colored Paper?

We can even print on colored paper if that's what you need (additional charge for colored paper)!  Choice of 4 pastel colors to help manage your drawing sets.

Need to Scan?

Bring your hard copy documents in and we can scan them, then email them to you, or save them on a CD, USB or in a file-sharing app like Dropbox or WeTransfer.  Scanning prices:

18x24" $1.50 per sheet

24x36" $2.50 per sheet

30x42" $3.50 per sheet

Job Specifications

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