Banners - Outdoor Vinyl

Use an Outdoor Banner to Grab People's Attention


Outdoor banners are a great way to tell people exactly where you are and what you do at outdoor events, businesses that are "Coming Soon" or "Now Hiring".  BMD Printing give you three types of to order:

- Vinyl Banners: Reinforced vinyl banners are made for outdoor use.  Our banners are reinforced 13oz vinyl with edge stitching and grommets to hang them.  You can also order them with top and bottom (or left and right) pole pockets - great for use in parades or any time you have mounting rods.  Wind slits can be added to allow the wind to pass through and extend banner life.

- Mesh Banners: When you need a banner that will be used for extended periods or in extremely windy weather, a mesh banner is your solution.  Wind passes through the mesh to keep the banner from tearing, while staying readable due to the precise mesh design.

Vinyl and Mesh Banners take 3-4 business days to print at our outside vendor.

- Single Use Banners: In a tight time crunch, we can print banners in-house on our large format printer, often same-day.  Add grommets to hang your banner and you are ready to go!  These banners are intended for one-time use, due to the material used, which is not reinforced.