Blueprints on Mylar

Mylar Prints

Archival Blueprints on Mylar Vellum

All sizes, black or color printing.  

Great for archival storage of plans or to meet city requirements.

Please note - When ordering, enter the number of SETS in the QUANTITY field; enter the number of PAGES per SET in the PAGES field.

All plans are printed to scale unless otherwise indicated.  We will notify you if the page sizes do not match the sizes ordered.  Please check the dimensions of your pages befor eyou order.

Folding & Binding

Mylar prints CANNOT be FOLDED or BOUND.

Need to Scan?

We can scan & copy your existing hard-copy blueprints, then save them on a CD, USB or in a file-sharing app like Dropbox or WeTransfer.  Scanning prices:

24x36" $2.40 per sheet

30x42" $3.50 per sheet

36x48" $4.80 per sheet

Corporate Accounts

If you have a lot of work, we can set up an account and bill you!  Stop by our shop and apply.

Job Specifications

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