Coil Bound Booklets

Coil bound booklets offer several benefits that make them a popular choice. Here are some of the advantages:

1. Durability: Coil binding provides excellent durability. The pages are securely held together by a continuous plastic coil that resists bending, tearing, or falling apart easily. This ensures that your booklet stays intact even with frequent use.
2. Easy to Flip Pages: The coil binding allows pages to lie flat and turn smoothly. You can easily flip through the booklet, which makes reading or referencing information more convenient. The pages won't snap shut or close unexpectedly, giving you a hassle-free reading experience.
3. Versatility: Coil bound booklets can accommodate a wide range of page sizes, from small brochures to larger manuals. This versatility makes them suitable for various purposes like reports, presentations, guides, or even personal projects.
4. Flexibility: The plastic coil binding is flexible, allowing the booklet to be opened completely and folded back on itself. This feature makes it easier to hold, read, or display the content without the need for any additional support.
5. Easy Editing: If you need to add or remove pages from the booklet, coil binding makes it simple. The plastic coils can be easily unwound and reassembled, allowing you to update or modify the content as needed.
6. Cost-effective: Coil binding is a cost-effective binding method, making it suitable for small businesses, students, or individuals working on a budget. It offers durability and a professional finish without requiring significant financial investment.
Overall, coil bound booklets provide durability, ease of use, flexibility, and a professional look at an affordable price, making them a practical choice for a variety of applications.


Paper: Papers range from plain 60lb text to glossy 100lb cover stocks.

Covers: The standard covers are a clear 5mil front cover and a black 15mil back.  You can also choose from a selection of plain and glossy card stocks.

Binding: Booklets are bound using plastic coils.  The default color is black.  Contact us for more coil color options.

Files: Preferred format is PDF, but will accept InDesign format if fonts are included in file upload.

How to Order

Quantity is the number of booklets.  Pages is the number of pages per booklet.

Printing Options include 1-sided black (1/0), 2-sided black (1/1), 1-sided color (4/0) or 2-sided color (4/4).

Cover Options include plastic covers or cardstock covers.  Cardstock covers can be 2-sided black (1/1), 2-sided color (4/4), or Color Front/blank back (4/0).

Custom options can be requested from our Custom Quote page.


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