Coil Bound Booklets


If You Think You Can't Afford to Print Booklets, You Haven't Tried Us!

If you have visited the "big box" print shops and received a quote for printing a catalog, manual or other booklet, you were probably scared away by the prices you received and the time to get them done.

We price our booklets to make them AFFORDABLE, and we get them done FAST!


We use special page pricing on booklets to ensure you CAN afford to print.  Our competitors don't do this, so a booklet that may cost $4-5 at BMD Printing could very well cost $12-15 at other print shops!


We are the only print shop in the area that has booklet finishing equipment, so we do them in our shop instead of sending them out to a central hub.  This means you get your booklets in a couple of DAYS or even a few HOURS, not weeks.


You can choose from a number of finishing options, including coil, comb and saddle stitch (fold & staple).  We can also mix color printing with black, and combine different papers in the same booklet to give you what you want at the lowest possible price.  We can advise you on which way is the best solution for your needs and your budget.

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