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Saddle-stitched Booklets


Booklet sizes

Please note that the Product Size is the size of the finished, folded product.

Self cover vs Plus Cover

Self Cover: Uses all the same paper for the entire booklet.

Plus Cover: With Plus Cover, the cover paper is different from the inside page paper.  For example, you can print the inside pages on 60# plain text and add a 100# glossy text cover. 

When Plus Cover is used, the number in the Pages field is 4 less than the total pages in the document, because the cover is made up of 4 pages.  So if you have a 24 page booklet, including the cover, you must enter 20 pages in the Pages field and select Plus Cover.

Note - saddle-stitched booklets must have multiples of 4 pages (8,12,16, etc).  If your document does not have these multiples, please add blank pages or adjust the content to meet this requirement to avoid delays in production.

How to Order

Product size is the size of the finished, folded booklet.

Number of Pages

For Self Cover, the number of pages is the total number of pages in the booklet.

For Plus Cover, the number of pages is the total MINUS the 4 pages that make up the cover.

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