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EDDM Postcards with UV Gloss

Reach new customers with Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).  We partner with USPS to print and deliver postcards to the ZIP Codes and Routes you want to reach.

BMD Printing offers several postcard sizes that are approved for EDDM - something to meet every need and budget!

We also have a mailing permit with USPS, which enables us to prep and deliver your postcards to USPS so you don't need to do anything but say"go."

UV Options: Front, Back or Both sides

Turnaround Time: Printing - 5-7 Business Days; Prep and Mail - 1-4 Business Days.

Note: UV-Coated Postcards are printed outside our shop by a qualified trade printer.  We do not do UV coating in our shop.

Here's How EDDM Works

- You supply us with ZIP Codes and Routes from the USPS EDDM website -, or

- Tell us where you want to mail and we can supply the information.

- You suply us with a print-ready postcard that matches one of the sizes we print, or

- We can design your postcard for you (for a fee).

- Once the routes and artwork are ready, we print the postcards, create and print the USPS documents, prep the mailing and drop it at the USPS location(s) that will deliver the postcards.  Becuase we are permitted with USPS, you cannot drop the mailing - we will take care of it!  Travel fees may apply depending on the distance to each USPS location.

If You Choose to Mail it Yourself

We replace our postal indicia with the retail indicia and you bring it to USPS.  This means you must use the EDDM tool on their website to create the documents and insert them into each bundle.

This page is for quote purposes only.  Read on to find out how to get your custom quote for EDDM.

- First, look up the ZIP code(s) and route(s) for your mailing.

- Enter these into a document, such as Word or Excel.  Use the Format ZIP-Route.  Example: 85338-R045

- Select the size of the postcard you are using and indicate if it is a one or two-sided print.

- Select a quantity from the dropdown list that is sufficient to cover the mailing.  For example, if you are mailing to 4278 addresses, you will need to choose 5000 postcards.  We cannot print the exact number of postcards due to limitations from our trade printer.  TIP: If you plan to mail the same postcard multiple times to different areas, you can save by ordering a large number of postcards, then sending out several mailings from the postcards you purchased.

- Upload the route document along with the artwork you have designed.  If you don't have artwork, please enter this in the notes when you complete the quote request.

- We will send you a detailed quote that includes printing, postage and any design and travel fees.  If you decide to proceed, we will connect with you to start the project.

If you need further assistance, please drop us a line at or call us at 623.925.8877

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