Canva Website

Need a simple, fast way to design your artwork for printing?  Try Canva!

Choose from hundreds of templates for every type of business or event.

Design your files on Canva and upload them to our website for printing.

Click the link to open an account - go to Canva.


Some design tips when using Canva

1) Be sure to select the correct size artwork.  Always double-check the dimensions of your selection before you start.

Canva Design Tip 1

2) Be sure to include bleed in your artwork.  Bleed is the extra space along the edges that get trimmed after printing.  Bleed ensures that there are no random white spaces on the edge of your artwork.  Once you have added the bleed to your artwork, be sure that the images and background extend to the bleed edges.

Canva Show Bleed

3) Be sure to save your artwork a sa Printable PDF with marks and bleeds.  This will save the artwork with the extra bleed area and the image quality will be best for printing.

Canva Save Bleed