Marketing Mail


EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

EDDM is a cost-effective way to mail to a large audience.  EDDM postage starts at $0.20 each and the approved postcard sizes are large, so you can get a lot of information to a lot of people!  Works great for building brand awareness and spreading information about an event.

For more information about EDDM, contact us or view our catalog.

Bulk Mail

If you have an address list, we can mail to everyone on it!  You can mail postcards, letters, small booklets and more!  Postage starts at $0.38 each for letters and $0.33 each for qualifying postcard sizes.

Filtered Mailing Lists

If you want to market to a specific group of people and don't have a list, you can purchase one from us.  Let us know which demographics you want and we do the rest!  List prices depend on the type of filtering performed.

Download & View Our Catalog

For more information about Marketing Mail download & view our catalog.

Download & View Our Catalog (pdf)